domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

First Encounter

Here is my contribution to The I Encounter of USKP Beiras in the Solar de Alcains - some drawings and photos made on this magnificent day. Thank you, Carlos Matos, for the idea, and for the invitation. Please, pass our gratitude and admiration for the beauty of the Solar to the owner of the house and a great thank you everybody there for their excellent hospitality.
The manor house carefully renovated gains a lot from the surrounding landscape with park trees. 

Interiors keep original style.

The house has many places with pleasant relaxing atmosphere.
UBI equipe and Carlos Matos

Rui Cesar Figueiredo

Miguel Figueiredo

4 comentários:

Rui Figueiredo disse...

I like the real first drawing, I can barely see the clouds here. It's a great drawing! Thank you for the photos and a thank to the ubi equipe!

Jacek Krenz disse...

Thank you Rui, the clouds are not visible because of poor quality of the scanner. I have to find better one.

Zé Preto disse...

Congratulations Jacek. Your drawings are just magnificent!
Thank you for your presence and advised experience.

As our friend Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof would say:

Tutkore ni vin dankas!
Saluton al via edzino, ankau!

Jacek Krenz disse...

Danki vi multa, Zé