segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

SketchCrawl Coimbra 25 of April 2012

Encontro de Desenho - the highlight event of our society. Excellent organization by Joao Jesus & Co. with over 40 participants drawing on the streets of this exquisite city, with flea market, monastery interiors and from cafes and shop windows while raining. Meeting so many sketchers working in various techniques and with different approaches made it an unforgettable event.

 meeting point: Edificio Chiado - the iron detail of the facade

Facade at Avenida Fernas Magalhaes

Escadas do Gato, view from the Flea Market

view from Cafe Brasileira - Festa of Oranges

Round table at Cafe Santa Cruz

Sketchers on Praça 8 de Maio

3 comentários:

Alexandra Belo disse...

Great sketches as usual...I particularly enjoyed the one with the Escadas do Gato and Flea Market, it vividly describes those dynamic surroundings. Congratulations, Jacek.

Jacek Krenz disse...

thank you Alexandra, yours are really great with broad perspective!

César Figueiredo disse...

Great drawings of a great day!!

And you found some spring evidence too :)